Photos for Parents

More and more parents across the country are benefitting from ParentZone. Not only does it make nursery practitioners more efficient, it allows parents to receive timely updates and communicate directly with their child’s nursery.

But despite all of the benefits of new technology, sometimes we miss the traditional approach.

Now ParentZone offers parents the option to print their favourite nursery photos, straight from the app.

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Parents are able to log into their secure ParentZone app to view photos of their child at nursery, and now, at the touch of a button, they can select their favourite photos to print, to be delivered directly to their door. They can create photo books giving them a tangible keepsake to cherish for years to come.

The ordering process is quick and easy and won’t take any time away from practitioners and key workers. Best of all, for every photo or gift ordered, the nursery will get a share of the profits.

Give your parents the best of both worlds by combining modern technology with traditional printed photographs.

Poster – Put this up in your setting so that parents are aware of the new feature.

‘How To’ Guide – Encourage parents to order photos. Full of ideas to get parents using the app regularly and tips to help you take better photos.

Parent Instructions – Give a helping hand to any parents who get stuck

Activity Resources – The resources you need to encourage your parents to contribute at specific dates throughout the year.


What does the nursery need to do?

All you need to do is ask us to switch it on! Parents are able to log in, choose their photos, place their orders and accept delivery of their photo books without any input from nursery staff.

There is a Contract Addendum that will need to be signed and once this is done it will only take 30 seconds to get you up and running!

How much will it cost my parents?

One photobook is £15 and delivery is FREE on all orders.

We have lots more products coming soon!

What if there is a problem with delivery?

Parents can check their order status at any point by selecting ‘manage account’. If there are any problems, parents can email to contact us.

How much money will the nursery make?

We want to help you to remain sustainable so every book your parents buy results in more money in your bank account!

Parent Pays Your Profit
£15 per book (inc delivery)  £3.50 per book


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