Managing Staff across Multi Site Nurseries

Managing staff across multi-site nurseries can be complex and time-consuming. 

With over staffing having a huge impact on profitability and under staffing affecting your quality of provision, it’s vital to manage staff effectively.

Working with a number of large Nursery Chains we have built a new Site Staffing Module to provide a comprehensive staff management tool within our Nursery Management Software.

With the option to look at staffing on a Global or Site-specific level, busy, multi-site nurseries can manage otherwise complex staffing requirements from a single centralised record.

Reduce the need for expensive bank staff by seeing a quick overview of where staff are needed, and which staff are available to you from all of your local settings. 

Take this one step further by showing the most suitable candidates based on a number of factors including preferred sites, familiarity to the children and hourly rate. 

Rosta full rooms at once to optimise use of staff and generate accurate time sheets, complete with details like sickness, unpaid leave and training days to export for payroll. 


Staffing in Connect Childcare

Get an instant snapshot view of occupancy and staffing ratios on any given week​

Quickly plan resource ensuring maximum efficiency

See RAG statuses highlighting rooms that are under or over staffed​

Cross-site rota functionality

Automatically calculate extra bookings into ratios​

Automatically calculate mixed ratios​

Track staff absence & overtime with custom mark off statuses

Validate requests for agency staff

Print Rotas

Create Payroll Exports

Reduce admin time

Single Central Record

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