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Spotlight on Harris Nicholls

Men in Childcare

Harris Nicholls is relatively new to Childcare, after joining the industry on an apprenticeship 3 years ago. Here he tells us about his experience at Mother Goose Corner Nursery & Pre School and the challenges he’s overcome.

“While I was at school, I took a placement in a nursery for work experience and realised how rewarding a career in childcare could be. As soon as I started my apprenticeship I knew this was the right choice for me. Being a Key Worker at a Nursery & Pre School allows me to develop bonds with children and their families too, and the impact I can have on their early education and development is the thing that drives me each day.

I faced some real challenges when I chose this career path. Even though the Men In Childcare campaign is gaining traction and encouraging more men into the sector, there are still ingrained stereotypes. When I first decided on this apprenticeship, I was challenged regularly, people often told me I couldn’t make a career out of it and I was even once challenged by another Practitioner who thought I shouldn’t be able to change nappies.

I am determined to disprove these views and build a successful career in the role that I love.

Unfortunately lots of children are lacking positive male role models. Through my job I can make a difference to these children and build strong bonds with them that will help them in the future.

It might be slow, but views are changing and the point is getting across. Slowly, people are starting to realise that men are just as capable in caring roles as women.”

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