5th September 2019

Spotlight on – Matthew Byrne

Men in Childcare Matthew is the Director of Crafty Wizards Pre School. After 10 years in the childcare industry he has extensive knowledge in early education and has experienced a range of attitudes towards men working in childcare.  Here he tells us about his role, the way people react to him and his colleagues and…

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4th September 2019

Introduce yoga to your nursery in the new term

Yoga has been proven to have fantastic health benefits But have you ever thought about introducing it to your children?  Yoga in the Early Years can… Improve flexibility & Strength Yoga helps children with posture and spine health Gain body awareness Also called proprioception, this is an essential part of a child’s brain development.  Refine…

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30th August 2019

Have a Healthy Outlook

As we approach the start of the new academic year we can reflect on the changes that are taking place around us.  Familiar children leave, taking a piece of our hearts with them, and new children arrive bringing new requirements and challenges.  While you’re adapting to this change, we thought it would be the perfect…

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30th August 2019

Staff Wellbeing in Practice

Guest Blog from David Wright, Paint Pots Nurseries Many employers use the phrase ‘our people are our most precious resource’ or something very similar to this. It is a phrase that is easy to promote as a corporate slogan but the proof of commitment to this statement must be evidenced by action. If we value…

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27th August 2019

From Evidence to Action

The sector is coming together to tackle recruitment challenges, with a wide-ranging research project looking at awareness and perceptions of early education and childcare across the generations.  Building on discussions at a recent workforce round-table hosted by Ceeda, the ‘What is EY?’ project will deliver much-needed insight into how the sector is perceived today, and…

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15th August 2019

Feedback fuels improvements

Collecting customer feedback is imperative to Connect Childcare. The honest feedback of our users helps us to gauge the general impression of the software and the customer success team and helps us to identify areas for product improvement; giving us a clear focus of what is most important to our nurseries. We’re changing the frequency…

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7th August 2019

Are you a nursery owner in Durham?

Did you know that for a limited time only, as part of the Digital Drive County Durham, you could access grant funding support of up to 40% towards the cost of your nursery management software!The Digital Drive County Durham helps businesses across County Durham to grow and improve their business through the use of digital technology.  We are Connect Childcare a digital supplier of nursery software. …

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24th July 2019

Spotlight on – Tom Richardson

Men in Childcare Tom is a  Room Leader at Mother Goose Corner Nursery & Preschool.  His passion for the role has seen him quickly reach a level 5 qualification and here he tells us about why he loves this industry so much and how he hopes to lead the way for more men to take…

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