16th April 2020

ParentHub is here!

The newest addition to ParentZone We have launched a new feature within our existing ParentZone app – ParentHub – to help parents home-school their children and track their learning experiences during COVID-19. ParentHub is accessible through the main menu within the new app. Tell your parents about it today using our Self-Service toolkit. Access the…

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26th March 2020

How to keep your children engaged during the closures

Remember to be kind to yourself during this time. This is a stressful time for everyone and especially parents. You don’t need to turn your home into a nursery and double up as a practitioner, there are lots of different ways to have fun whilst playing. Remember that Albert Einstein once said, “Play is the…

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25th March 2020

LEYF Launches Capital’s Fourth Emergency Childcare Service to Keep Key Workers Functional

London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) has today responded to the Government’s call to provide essential childcare to keyworkers* during the coronavirus by operating as the Capital’s fourth emergency service. LEYF, the UK’s largest childcare charity and social enterprise which operates 39 nurseries across London, has created a new logistical plan identifying which parents are essential…

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18th March 2020

Support for Nurseries – COVID-19

Following the government update and imminent closure of schools and nurseries, we’ve pulled together some additional resource to help you through this as much as possible.  Our team are following the guidelines and are working remotely but are pleased to report that phone lines and live chat are still working as normal, so your normal…

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16th March 2020

Connect Childcare’s Coronavirus Response

We’ll be updating this page in response to the government briefings Last Updated: 12.07pm Monday 16th March We’ll be here for you – regardless of what happens in response to the Coronavirus. There is a lot of uncertainty in the industry at the moment and like you, we are closely monitoring the advice around coronavirus.…

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12th March 2020

How to help protect your children from Coronavirus

Let’s be honest, working in a nursery setting can be very messy at times, and with the recent outbreak, you’re probably running around trying to make sure all your little ones are washing their hands and binning their tissues. Lucky for you, we’ve made some handy sing-along posters for you to put up around your…

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9th March 2020

Supporting parents with nutritional advice

It’s important to remember how our choices, preferences and food behaviours are really influential to our children. Small children don’t have a voice when it comes to food choices and are heavily influenced by parents, as well as their Childcare setting. They will mimic and adopt the food language we use and the food we…

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9th March 2020

Beware of food marketing!

Be wise to the misleading marketing that drives food purchasing decisions for you and your family! Early Years Nutritional Therapist, Louise Mercieca, talks to us about the misleading promotions that catch families out and shares her top tips to avoid them!  “Nutrition can be biologically complicated but it’s quite easy to get it right.  However,…

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