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Leasing nursery IT hardware

InnoVent is the leading UK asset and lease management specialist for new and refurbished IT equipment. Based in central London they provide Nurseries and childcare providers with all the IT they need. Leasing your IT hardware means you can have the technology you need now without hurting your cash flow.

How Innovent Leasing can reduce your nursery’s IT bill...

Innovent have enormous experience of IT leasing that has been built up over decades in the industry. They have a completely different business model to other leasing companies. The difference is that they put a real value on the IT equipment when it comes to the end of the lease term.  That means they can finance your IT for far less than other lease companies. 

Innovent also provide the opportunity to lease refurbished IT.

Did you know that leasing refurbished IT equipment (you can call it previously owned or second hand if you prefer) is actually more reliable than brand new equipment? 

You may be shocked to learn that up to 5% of new equipment can fail within a year or actually arrives with a fault. But, on average, only 1% of refurbished IT equipment will fail in the same period.

It makes sense when you consider that new IT equipment simply hasn’t been road-tested. Refurbished IT equipment has. All the defects have been removed and any seriously faulty products will have been sent back to the manufacturer. So a “road-tested” piece of IT is bound to be more reliable than new.

The idea that refurbished equipment arrives looking like it’s been twice around the block comes up alot. InnoVent guarantee that their refurbished IT equipment looks just like new. So when the business case for new equipment just doesn’t stack up – you can lease refurbished IT equipment instead. 

All of InnovVent’s reconditioned IT equipment is fully guaranteed. In fact, they are so confident that it will perform exactly as you expect that they offer a next business day replacement if anything goes wrong.

So they supply the equipment you need, finance it through a low-cost lease arrangement, and install it. They will also look after it as well if anything goes wrong.

InnoVent is the leading children’s nursery IT provider and are trusted by Connect Childcare.

InnoVent provides new and refurbished desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones for children’s nurseries as a simple easy to budget monthly subscription payment. This means better cash flow and lower prices for all of your IT hardware.

A selection of InnoVent’s nursery technology products are;

  • Computers for nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools 
  • Laptops and desktops for all nursery activities
  • Smartphones both new and fully refurbished
  • A wide range of “nursery proof” tablets

InnoVent can provide nurseries with a 32GB Apple iPad that comes with a durable and water resistant case be able to survive in a tough nursery environment. These tablets benefit from an 8MP camera, ideal for nursery observations and 10-hour battery life that will last all day. 

The good news – The subscription cost is only £1.73 per week per tablet.

InnoVent tablet and computer leasing options for nurseries

For more details of InnoVent’s ipads and other hardware offers download this pdf factsheet. 

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