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Is your hardware secure?

For a childcare business, choosing hardware can be a minefield. Busy Nurseries need fast reliable computers and tablets to enable them to operate efficiently, but budget constraints can cause problems when looking for reliable devices.

Many settings find that their hardware can quickly go out of date but don’t realise that there are real security implications of using out of date hardware.

What are the risks?

Running old operating systems causes security risks.

Older operating systems are vulnerable to hackers. Apple and Android themselves only support the latest versions of their operating systems and so, when security issues are found they only release patches for the latest 3 versions, leaving older versions open to threats.

This leaves your sensitive child data at high risk. If hackers can access your tablets they can access all of your passwords and any of your accounts.

We understand that budget constraints mean old tablets cant always be replaced instantly. But using out of date operating systems should be a temporary measure and operating systems and hardware should be upgraded at the earliest possible opportunity.

Where budget constraints prevent new tablets being purchased, subscription options are available.

We have partnered with InnoVent, who provide a range of technology products with a simple direct debit subscription.

Find out more about InnoVent’s solutions with this pdf download.

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