18th July 2019

Safeguarding judgements in the new Ofsted Early Years Inspection Framework

We invited Rachel Buckler to visit us at the Connect Childcare offices to come and talk to us about safeguarding in the new Education Inspection Framework.  Rachel is one of the Co-founders of Early Years Hub and she has Extensive Experience in the Industry, 25 years in fact and in this time she has been…

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30th September 2018

The Early Years Workforce

We were delighted to get a preview of Ceeda’s latest About Early Years Annual Report, after being their Technology Sponsor since the beginning of the About Early Years Programme.  The report has valuable insights into the different issues faced by the early years sector, and here we bring you the highlights of findings of the…

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29th September 2018

Childcare Finance and Sustainability in 2018

We’re proud to have supported Ceeda with their latest About Early Years Annual Report and bring you the highlights of their findings on finance & sustainability in the childcare sector. The cost of childcare delivery in 2018 The report confirms that the average cost of delivering one hour of childcare for 3 – 4 year…

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28th September 2018

Quality Childcare in 2018

The About Early Years project was launched in May 2017, by Ceeda, the private sector research agency specialising in early years research. Connect Childcare have been their Technology Sponsor from the beginning and are proud to be supporting this research programme to incite change in the early year’s sector. Their latest report highlighting changes and…

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16th January 2018

Age Apartheid

Age Apartheid. What is it? What can we do about it? And will it really benefit our children? Age Apartheid is our buzz word for January, there are lots of articles in papers and magazines about the issue, but what is it? Age Apartheid is the term used to describe the segregation of generations in…

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7th November 2017

About Early Years summer snapshot

Ceeda launched the independent ‘About Early Years’ research programme in May 2017 to track key sector trends on a regular basis and provide timely analysis for childcare providers, policy makers and investors. The results of their latest survey are in an their summer snapshot report is full of valuable information abut sector capacity, finance and stability…

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22nd May 2017

Parent’s Guides To 30 Hours Funded & Tax-Free Childcare

We are aware that with the introduction of 30 hours funded and tax-free childcare, comes lots of questions from parents. To help you answer those questions, we have two handy fact sheets available for you to download and hand out to parents or display in your nursery.

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17th May 2017

Ensuring your data is safe with Connect Childcare

Following on from last week’s Ransomware attack that affected the NHS amongst others, we wanted to assure the Connect community how safe our systems are. Is Connect vulnerable? At Connect, we take security very seriously and are constantly reviewing our security policies to ensure that all of our systems are secure. Cyber experts have pointed…

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