9th July 2020

Harnessing the power of collaboration within the EY sector

There’s no doubting that the COVID-19 outbreak has been a difficult time for the Early Years (EY) sector – throwing up lots of challenges and hurdles to navigate and overcome. And with some providers having reopened their doors at the start of June, we wanted to catch up with some of the sector’s experts to…

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9th July 2020

Keep your children and staff safe by going digital

When it comes to the number of nurseries embracing technology to help with the management of their nursery, the sector is extremely varied. While some have migrated their daily operations over to a more digitised approach, others are still pursuing the traditional way of doing things.  Following the spread of COVID-19, we’ve seen more and…

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22nd June 2020

A fresh new chapter for Early Years

18 days into the process of re-opening, we wanted to shine a light on some of the positive steps that the sector is making and share how childcare providers across the country have got on over the last three weeks. Consistent with our approach to the previous webinar we held we ran a survey across…

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15th June 2020

Building a picture – 2 weeks into reopening

In our last webinar a few weeks ago, we discussed the practicalities of reopening childcare and gained insights from some of the leading nurseries on how they were going to approach it. Now we’re over 2 weeks into the process of reopening, we wanted to understand and share how nurseries across the country are getting…

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20th May 2020

The practicalities of reopening your childcare business

The practicalities of reopening your childcare business The results from our recent survey showed that only 13% of the 634 respondents are confident to safely open their childcare setting on June 1st. We hosted a webinar tomorrow on the practicalities of reopening your childcare business which had over 500 registrants. We discussed the findings from…

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15th May 2020

How digital platforms can support the Early Years Sector

Watch back on the NMT Discussions webinar where our Chief Information Officer, John Ingham discusses the role technology plays in supporting and protecting the early years sector during COVID-19. The move to working from home for the majority of us has meant that society has to embrace technology more to keep business and communications open.…

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9th March 2020

The link between food & Mental Health

We recently spent some time with Louise Mercieca, Early Years Nutritional Therapist and all round lovely person! She’s extremely passionate about what she does and she’s won tonnes of awards for her efforts including one from Dragons Den’s Theo Pathitis! If you haven’t done already, take a look at her Early Years TV Food Channel.…

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26th September 2019

Protect yourself online

The blog gives security guidance to parents. Take a look at our 6 top tips to keep yourself safe online… Update your phone / tablet OS regularly One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to keep your devices secure against threats is to make sure you update the operating system regularly, whether you are…

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