9th March 2020

The link between food & Mental Health

We recently spent some time with Louise Mercieca, Early Years Nutritional Therapist and all round lovely person! She’s extremely passionate about what she does and she’s won tonnes of awards for her efforts including one from Dragons Den’s Theo Pathitis! If you haven’t done already, take a look at her Early Years TV Food Channel.…

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26th September 2019

Protect yourself online

The blog gives security guidance to parents. Take a look at our 6 top tips to keep yourself safe online… Update your phone / tablet OS regularly One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to keep your devices secure against threats is to make sure you update the operating system regularly, whether you are…

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15th August 2019

Feedback fuels improvements

Collecting customer feedback is imperative to Connect Childcare. The honest feedback of our users helps us to gauge the general impression of the software and the customer success team and helps us to identify areas for product improvement; giving us a clear focus of what is most important to our nurseries. We’re changing the frequency…

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15th April 2019

Careers at Connect Childcare

Connect Childcare are a limited company based in Nelson. We develop Nursery Management Software for Childcare Providers. Our team of 60+ use their knowledge to design and develop software and support our clients to optimise its use. Connect Childcare’s software helps streamline the management of Nurseries. Our mission is to “Improve the lives of children,…

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21st December 2018

How safe is your data this Christmas?

Previous data breach scandals have proven that companies are more susceptible to hacking over the christmas and new year period. With IT staff off on annual leave, companies are more vulnerable than ever and hackers make the most of the vulnerability and increase their efforts. Here at Connect Childcare we are committed to protecting your…

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29th October 2018

Happy children learn and happy teachers teach!

Kathy Brodie’s fantastic Early Years Summit was on last week. If you didn’t watch it I strongly urge you to do so! Kathy brought us interviews with Childcare experts specialising in lots of different areas. It’s a fantastic way to learn through other people’s experiences and insights, from the comfort of your own home or…

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8th October 2018

Leading Practitioners, Leading Practice

The recently released About Early Years report confirmed that quality childcare is continuing to rise in the UK. With more providers than ever being graded Outstanding by Ofsted. But the same report revealed that 63% of childcare providers had already made cuts to save costs, with many more planning actions to cut costs in the…

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1st October 2018

Working together for the sector

Connect Childcare are honoured and proud to be working alongside some of the most influential names in the childcare industry to help to encourage positive action and change for the early years sector. The About Early Years research programme from Ceeda, brings a large scale analysis of important issues faced by the childcare sector. Ceeda’s…

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