2nd January 2020

Introducing KidSave

The simple and flexible account to build up savings for your child’s future – right from the start 73% of parents think their children will have a harder start in adult life than they did 81% of parents believe the government is not doing enough to support families with children’s savings Poor perception of and…

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13th December 2019

What will a Conservative victory mean for the early years sector?

With a Commons majority of 78 and one seat left to declare, the Conservative party swept to power this morning. What will it mean for the early years sector? The key message is more of the same. There will be no expansion of ‘free-entitlement’ places under a new Conservative administration and the funding freeze will…

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13th December 2019

11 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Communication

One of the hardest and most frustrating things about being a parent or carer is knowing how to communicate with children. Reading, writing and speaking are all essential communication skills for children and should be nurtured and developed. Being an effective communicator is an essential and advantageous skill for later in life, so working on these…

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17th October 2019

Protecting Vs. Coddling: A Primer for Parents of Toddlers

Parents naturally feel a fierce need to keep their children safe and comfortable. Regardless of whether their child is walking to a house a few blocks away, learning how to ride a bike, or playing with other children at the playground, parents want to make sure that no harm comes to their young one, and…

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5th September 2019

Spotlight on – Matthew Byrne

Men in Childcare Matthew is the Director of Crafty Wizards Pre School. After 10 years in the childcare industry he has extensive knowledge in early education and has experienced a range of attitudes towards men working in childcare.  Here he tells us about his role, the way people react to him and his colleagues and…

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30th August 2019

Staff Wellbeing in Practice

Guest Blog from David Wright, Paint Pots Nurseries Many employers use the phrase ‘our people are our most precious resource’ or something very similar to this. It is a phrase that is easy to promote as a corporate slogan but the proof of commitment to this statement must be evidenced by action. If we value…

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27th August 2019

From Evidence to Action

The sector is coming together to tackle recruitment challenges, with a wide-ranging research project looking at awareness and perceptions of early education and childcare across the generations.  Building on discussions at a recent workforce round-table hosted by Ceeda, the ‘What is EY?’ project will deliver much-needed insight into how the sector is perceived today, and…

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24th July 2019

Spotlight on – Tom Richardson

Men in Childcare Tom is a  Room Leader at Mother Goose Corner Nursery & Preschool.  His passion for the role has seen him quickly reach a level 5 qualification and here he tells us about why he loves this industry so much and how he hopes to lead the way for more men to take…

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