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Nurseries can increase profits

With ParentZone’s amazing new photo book feature

ParentZone’s photo book feature allows parents & carers to print treasured photos of their child at nursery, straight from their app.

Parents are able to log into their secure ParentZone app to view photos and videos of their child at nursery, and now at the touch of a button, they can select their favourite photos to print, to be delivered directly to their door.

With it’s photo feature, ParentZone bridges the gap between the traditional paper-based daily diaries and increasingly popular tablet technology, by giving parents something tangible without compromising the efficiency of the practitioners.

The ordering process is quick and easy and doesn’t take any time away from practitioners and key workers. Best of all, for every photo or gift ordered, the nursery will get a share of the profits, making the ParentZone software become completely self-financing and offering an additional revenue source for nurseries struggling with sustainability amidst the controversy of the 30 hours scheme.

There were over 730,000 photos uploaded by nursery staff last month alone, each capturing an important moment in a child’s life. Parents only need to purchase a tiny percentage of the photos that practitioners are already taking to make a positive impact on nursery income.

Providing parents with a timeline of their child’s activities via ParentZone has proved to be a great success. Over 170,000 parents use ParentZone, with over 30,000 parents contributing to their child’s learning journey each and every month. ParentZone has meant that busy parents are now more involved with their child’s learning.

Despite the convenience that ParentZone brings, some parents have missed having printed photos of their child to cherish and share with the family. Receiving printed photos is a great feeling for families with children in daycare, and in order to bring back something tangible, without adding extra pressure onto practitioners, we have developed a brand new solution; photos for parents.

We created the new feature with a group of nursery Beta testers who were excited about the prospect of being able to offer something different to their parents. After a period of development and thorough testing, the new photo feature is now available to all ParentZone users.

Ready to switch the new photo feature on for your parents?

Tell us here

Switching on the new photo feature is completely free we just need to update your T&C’s.

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