22nd June 2018

Do your parents understand the importance of play?

Parents are often so keen to get their child to be high achievers that they can sometimes push them to learn things before they’re ready. It’s natural in our society for parents to want their children to do well academically, but as Childcare Professionals it can fall onto our shoulders to encourage parents to set…

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14th June 2018

How to protect yourself and your nursery

Most childcare providers have processes in place to reduce the likelihood that a serious incident could happen in their setting. We all hope that nothing goes wrong at our nurseries. But are processes and hope enough? We spoke to Jackie Hyde, insurance expert and Director of dot2dot Nursery Insurance, to get her 5 top tips…

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6th June 2018

Kelly from Babblebrooke Day tells us her thoughts on Connect’s Nursery Management Software

Founded in 2013, Babblebrooke is a Loughborough based day nursery providing a fabulous childcare experience for all children aged from 3 months to five years. Managing director Kelly Hutton tells us about her experience with Connect Childcare and their nursery management software. We had only been open three weeks when we contacted Connect Childcare but we were…

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6th May 2018

Antonia from A Step Ahead tells us about her experience with Connect’s Nursery Management Software

A Step Ahead children’s nursery opened in Lower Beeding, West Sussex in 2000 and caters for the needs of the surrounding villages as well as commuters’ families from further afield. We spoke to Antonia Ogden Meade about her experience with Connect Childcare and the impact that her nursery management software has had on her business.…

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30th April 2018

Change Management.

Change Management is the term for preparing for and supporting individuals and teams in making an organisational change. Even small changes can be really daunting so changing to a new nursery management system and changing lots of your business processes can be tricky to manage. Do you know how to select the right software for…

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26th April 2018

5 Tips for New Nursery Managers.

Picture the scene, you’ve just been promoted to Nursery Manager, or you’ve just landed a new Managers role in your dream setting. Congratulations! These 5 tips will help you to get ready for your new challenge. Don’t sweat the small stuff! As a new manager, you might be tempted to micromanage and look at every…

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16th April 2018

Why use 10 different software tools when you can use one?

There are hundreds of tools and apps out there to make your life easier and help your nursery operate more efficiently. But why use 10 different tools when you can use one? Many nurseries have taken the plunge and traded in their paperwork for a nursery management software system. This helps them to manage the…

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6th April 2018

Rachel from Toppers Day Nursery tells us about her experience

Toppers Day Nursery is a 48 place day nursery in Rishton, Lancashire, founded in 1997. They adopted Connect Childcare a few years ago and spoke to us about the impact that the online learning journey software, iConnect has had on their setting. Rachel Jones, Nursery Manager said, We wanted to explore an effective way to…

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