16th April 2018

Why use 10 different software tools when you can use one?

There are hundreds of tools and apps out there to make your life easier and help your nursery operate more efficiently. But why use 10 different tools when you can use one? Many nurseries have taken the plunge and traded in their paperwork for a nursery management software system. This helps them to manage the…

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6th April 2018

Rachel from Toppers Day Nursery tells us about her experience

Toppers Day Nursery is a 48 place day nursery in Rishton, Lancashire, founded in 1997. They adopted Connect Childcare a few years ago and spoke to us about the impact that the online learning journey software, iConnect has had on their setting. Rachel Jones, Nursery Manager said, We wanted to explore an effective way to…

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29th March 2018

GDPR for nurseries, your questions answered Part 2

In the second instalment of our series on GDPR, we get more of your questions answered. Eddie Whittingham is a former Police Officer and qualified solicitor, specialising in Cyber Crime. He is now the Managing Director of The BFPP who provide online security awareness training, help organisations stay secure against cybercrime and reduce the risk…

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12th March 2018

Improving partnership with parents through technology.

Are you using technology in your day to day processes? Many childcare providers have taken the plunge and adopted technology into their settings to help them manage the burden of administration. But some have taken it one step further and are using technology to build better partnerships with their parents. In this day and age,…

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5th March 2018

GDPR for nurseries, your questions answered

GDPR is the hot topic that everyone is currently talking about. The new General Data Protection Regulation is an EU directive starting in May and it affects ALL UK businesses. There is a lot of confusion in the childcare sector about GDPR, what changes need to be made and the best way to handle them.…

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5th March 2018

A poem for my Key Worker

This weekend is Mothering Sunday A day to celebrate and say thank you to our mothers. But we think there are a few other amazing women (and men) that need some thanks too! Nursery Practitioners across the country are doing a fantastic job of helping to raise our children. It’s a difficult and often undervalued…

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21st February 2018

Managing & Recording Outdoor Play

We know from our own memories that children LOVE the freedom of outdoor play and we know from our experience as childcare professionals that this can lead to some brilliant social development and learning experiences. Outdoor play is not just about physical development, it is SO important for other areas of learning too. When children are given…

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19th February 2018

Ofsted scrapping the SEF, one less job to do?

Ofsted have recently announced that that are scrapping their Early Years Self Evaluation Form (SEF) It’s always been optional, but now the form itself will no longer exist. Jacqueline Midgley; Childcare Consultant and ex Ofsted Inspector has previously spoken here at Connect HQ about the importance of a thorough SEF. Now they’ve been scrapped, we…

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