14th June 2017

A Father’s View of Nursery – Stephen Brady

Making the best choice for my family. I am a father of six, yes six, loud, crazy, but wonderful children. All of my children attended nursery, and my youngest still does. My wife and I want to provide for our children, we want to be successful; we want to be role models. With six children,…

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11th June 2017

A Father’s View of Nursery – Chris Gouch

Leaving my first born for the first time. My daughter is 15 months old, not only is she the most beautiful human being I’ve ever laid my eyes on, she’s also a genius. Not that I’m biased or anything! But this is not about her. It’s about her nursery and my opinion, as her (slightly…

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10th June 2017

Which Framework Works?

After 13 years in the business, we know that what works for you, may not work for the nursery next door. Every single one of our 2000+ nurseries operates slightly differently, and the frameworks and curriculums used to observe and assess child learning are no exception. So whichever framework you use, we’ll help to make…

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9th June 2017

Father’s Day Crafts

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, we wanted to share our top 5 crafty gifts with you! 5. Guess Whoooo Loves You We love this owl card from iheartcraftythings! The owl’s wings open up and Dad is greeted with a photo of his little darling. You will need; coloured paper, paper fasteners, pens and a photo of each child.  …

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22nd May 2017

Parent’s Guides To 30 Hours Funded & Tax-Free Childcare

We are aware that with the introduction of 30 hours funded and tax-free childcare, comes lots of questions from parents. To help you answer those questions, we have two handy fact sheets available for you to download and hand out to parents or display in your nursery.

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18th May 2017

Fancy Floral Crafts for the Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower show is back! It runs from the 23rd to 27th May and is a great excuse to get your children interested in all things floral! Take the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and count how many beautiful flowers you can find, and all of the different colours you can…

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18th May 2017

Is your data secure?

We know that safeguarding your children is one of your nursery’s top priorities. Here at Connect Childcare, we make safety and security our top priority too. So regardless of what software you use, we’ve put together some tips to help you stay safe and secure. Try these 2 simple steps to quickly increase your security. Update your operating system. The NHS were vulnerable to attack…

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17th May 2017

Ensuring your data is safe with Connect Childcare

Following on from last week’s Ransomware attack that affected the NHS amongst others, we wanted to assure the Connect community how safe our systems are. Is Connect vulnerable? At Connect, we take security very seriously and are constantly reviewing our security policies to ensure that all of our systems are secure. Cyber experts have pointed…

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