8th October 2018

Leading Practitioners, Leading Practice

The recently released About Early Years report confirmed that quality childcare is continuing to rise in the UK. With more providers than ever being graded Outstanding by Ofsted. But the same report revealed that 63% of childcare providers had already made cuts to save costs, with many more planning actions to cut costs in the…

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5th October 2018

How long do you spend raising nursery bills for parents?

How long do you and your colleagues spend on raising nursery bills for parents? Nursery billing can be complex, with different streams of government funding to decipher as well as a whole host of different payment types including Tax Free Childcare and childcare vouchers. On top of this children often change bookings and incur extra…

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1st October 2018

Working together for the sector

Connect Childcare are honoured and proud to be working alongside some of the most influential names in the childcare industry to help to encourage positive action and change for the early years sector. The About Early Years research programme from Ceeda, brings a large scale analysis of important issues faced by the childcare sector. Ceeda’s…

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30th September 2018

The Early Years Workforce

We were delighted to get a preview of Ceeda’s latest About Early Years Annual Report, after being their Technology Sponsor since the beginning of the About Early Years Programme.  The report has valuable insights into the different issues faced by the early years sector, and here we bring you the highlights of findings of the…

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29th September 2018

Childcare Finance and Sustainability in 2018

We’re proud to have supported Ceeda with their latest About Early Years Annual Report and bring you the highlights of their findings on finance & sustainability in the childcare sector. The cost of childcare delivery in 2018 The report confirms that the average cost of delivering one hour of childcare for 3 – 4 year…

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28th September 2018

Quality Childcare in 2018

The About Early Years project was launched in May 2017, by Ceeda, the private sector research agency specialising in early years research. Connect Childcare have been their Technology Sponsor from the beginning and are proud to be supporting this research programme to incite change in the early year’s sector. Their latest report highlighting changes and…

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19th September 2018

Reduce your nurseries printing costs

Printing, cutting and sticking photos as evidence for children’s learning journeys is not only time consuming, it is also costly too. Angela Mehegan of Cheeky Monkees told us, We used to spend about £400 every month just on ink cartridges.” Sound familiar? In today’s climate, nurseries need to hold their purse strings tighter than ever.…

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1st September 2018

How long do you spend on daily diaries?

How long do you and your colleagues spend on daily diaries? Daily diaries are just one part of a mountain of administration work that needs to be completed at a nursery each day. Although not compulsory they provide important information to parents as well as ensuring their peace of mind. But how long does it…

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