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We develop management software that improves the lives of children, globally.

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What we do

For us it's not just about providing you with a great software platform, it's about being a great business partner. We are partnered with nurseries across the country and are always listening to their ideas to build our future road map.

Our mission is to improve the lives of children, globally. We can only achieve this by working with childcare professionals to create the very best tools, so that nursery management software is easy & efficient and child development is always the main focus.

Our Mission

We develop management software that improves the lives of children, globally.

Through our software solutions, nurseries are becoming more efficient, enabling them to spend more time developing the children in their care. We are passionate about child development and support our customers to provide the very best quality childcare. Partnership is of the utmost importance to us. We work closely with our nurseries, as well as other knowledgeable institutions, like our partners; NDNA, to ensure that we are aware of the ever changing needs of the childcare sector. This allows us to adapt our software and our services to support nurseries to be successful and sustainable.

Our success is based on one key principle: that our business is above all a people business. Our people are the best in their fields and are able to draw on the knowledge and experience of their colleagues to grow professionally. We believe in continual improvement, and embrace opportunities to learn.


Connect is also a place where commitment, talent and sheer hard work gets noticed and rewarded.

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Our Values

The team share core values which are reflected in everything we do.

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Innovation is what we do. It is the force behind our growth. It enables us to keep ahead of technological advances and provide our customers with the very best products and services available in our industry.

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Being The Best
Number 1 Software Provider in UK

We all compete with each other. Who doesn’t want to be the best?! We are always making sure we are three steps ahead of our competition by regularly designing and delivering great new features.

Number 1 Software Provider in UK
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Connect has grown rapidly over the past 12 years. We are now helping over 2200 UK nurseries. We make sure that our company growth has a positive impact on our employees so invest heavily in the professional development of our team.

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We pride ourselves on our approach to continuous improvement. As well as continually improving our software with regular releases we also regularly review our processes to ensure we are working as efficiently as possible.

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We have fun working here. We do everything we can to ensure that our employees love coming to work. We transfer this happiness to our nurseries through every contact we have, in any way we can.

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Doing it for the Kids
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Our children are the most important thing to all of us, they're the reason we all come to work. To help our families, and yours. Through our work, we help children to get the best start and reach their full potential.

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Meet the team

Get to know some of the Connect Childcare team

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CEO of Connect Childcare

Chris Reid

Chris Reid is the CEO of Connect Childcare; he ensures that Connect stays at the forefront of technological advances to help to improve the outcomes of children in the UK.

Head of Customer Success

Stephen Brady

I have 6 children myself. Aged 1 to 15. They have all been to nursery.

As a working father I would have loved to get the insights and communication that our solutions provide to parents – to be more involved in my children’s development and understand what they have been doing each day, especially with the flexibility of ParentZone on my mobile.

So, helping customers find the right answers efficiently for their own nurseries is both my job and a pleasure. We are helping the next generation.

Senior Customer Success Consultant

Karen Flynn

I know from experiences with my own daughter that picking a child up from nursery can be hectic. So it’s great that we are building systems that allow parents to share their child’s achievements in full, at their leisure. My work encourages nurseries to make the most of the software too, not just what it does, but how it is used. That includes administering grants for profitability, managing spaces for efficiency and improving billing and communications.

We offer webinars to get people up to speed quickly, and then one to one support, where we get to understand each settings requirements clearly, and implement the right solution for their specific needs.

Product Owner; iConnect & ParentZone

Becky Chapman

Working at Connect has improved my technical skills.

I used to help farmers with herd software – now I love working with nurseries improving their management systems.

I have become know in the office as the “iConnect Guru”, I champion the benefits of using tablets on site in nurseries. With one swipe on a touch screen, a nursery practitioner can be making an observation, feeding communication with parents and improving the management of the nursery.

Being a scout leader I value efficiency in everything I do.

Our Customers

  • Nursery Chains
  • Nursery Groups
  • Independent Nurseries

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