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What we can do for you.

Connect Childcare will streamline your admin processes and allow you & your staff to fully focus on child development.

We understand your passion for child development and our nursery software will support you to grow your business and provide the very best quality childcare.

Our award winning software package is the key to time saving in your nursery.

After 13 years in the childcare sector, our software has more functionality than any other on the market and will truly make a difference to your nursery. We’re trusted by thousands of nurseries, and hundreds of thousands of parents. Read on to find out about our childcare software.


Our single solution makes running your nursery a piece of cake. The software is split into three areas; Connect Childcare for managers and administrators, iConnect for practitioners and ParentZone for parents and carers.

Outstanding Nursery Management Software

Connect Childcare's nursery software will reduce your admin time and make your complicated processes quick and easy. It helps nurseries like yours to manage Tax Free Childcare and the 30 hour funding with ease. The Connect Childcare system is not only flexible; it is accurate, secure and reliable.

  • 1 Access reliable reports at the touch of a button
  • 2 Generate invoices quickly & easily
  • 3 Eliminate manual grant calculations
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Run business reports for your nursery
generate nursery bill run on computer
automatic childcare funding and grant calculations

More than just observations

iConnect is the award winning online learning journey software for practitioners. But it’s not just for observations, key workers can carry out all of their admin tasks; from assessments and progress reports to planning and next steps, at the touch of a button.

  • 1 Take observations instantly
  • 2 Easily create accurate reports
  • 3 Make informed assessments
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Save time and take curriculum observations instantly without paper
easily run child development reports individual and cohort without any paperwork
all the data you need to make informed child development assessments without paper

Partnership In Your Pocket

ParentZone is a smartphone app for parents. Parents will never miss a moment of their child's development again with regular notifications of their child's activities and achievements. They can access information, child observations and important assessments at a time that suits them best.

  • 1 Instant updates
  • 2 Parental Contributions
  • 3 Quickly collect outstanding fees
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parentzone app gives parents instant updates of their child's activities and development at nursery
child taking photo EYFS
paying nursery bills on tablet software

You're in safe hands

We don’t just provide great software, we provide a great service to back it up.

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We understand that introducing a new software system into your childcare setting is a daunting task. So we are here to help you at every stage.

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Our experienced development team are always building new features based on your requests. We don't just develop, we deliver.

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Connect Childcare take security very seriously. We ensure that our products and our data are protected by the highest security available.

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Key Benefits

See what Connect could do for you

Practitioners saving time with iConnect
Observations logged every month
Parents contributing via ParentZone
Getting parents to use parentzone

How to get your parents on board with ParentZone

When parents are new to your setting it can be a challenge to get them to regularly engage with the app, we’ve pulled together some tried and tested tips that we’ve picked up from our nurseries to help you get your parents on board with ParentZone.

  • The best time to introduce ParentZone
  • How to equip your staff with the knowledge they need
  • Ways to encourage parents to contribute

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